In the mid 1960's, the McGarvey family owned Meadow Brook Dairy, one of the many dairies in Northwestern Pennsylvania.  Home delivery of milk was becoming a thing of the past and large grocery store chains were moving into the area.  To remain competitive, Meadow Brook decided to establish their retail outlets.  The original Country Fair store, with its unique barn style building and bright red exterior, was an instant 'hit' with the Erie, Pa community. 
Country Fair quickly established itself as the regional leader in the convenience store industry.  The chain expanded into Eastern Ohio, Western New York, and throughout Northwestern and North Central Pennsylvania during the 1970's and into the 1980's.  Gasoline was added to most locations during this time to further enhance convenience for the customer.  The popularity of fast food in the late 1990's was another opportunity Country Fair capitalized upon.  

In 2001, United Refining Company purchased Country Fair, Inc.  Their mission is to provide customers with a stable supply of the highest quality petroleum products at competitive prices, ensure corporate profitability and growth,and invest in the future of the company and community, while providing a safe and challenging working environment and encouraging the personal development of our employees.